Friday, December 30, 2011

Rag doll and felt foods

I had fun this Christmas making things for my kids.My ambitions were too big and I didn't start early enough though.I didn't get everything finished so I will be sewing up a few more presents.

I think one of my favorite items to sew was the little rag doll that I made for my daughter Catherine.I can't wait to get started on dolls for my daughters Rebecca and Ruby. I used Simplicity pattern 2809 ,
I bought my pattern on sale for a $1.50 at my local Joann fabric store.
My 12 year old daughter Elizabeth helped me make felt food for Catherine and Rebecca.We had fun staying up to all hours of the morning listening to Christmas music and cutting,stuffing and sewing felt food. I used Simplicity pattern 2445  for the fruit and veggies and free patterns from the internet for the snack foods.

Here are some links to free felt food patterns:
Bag of chips and sandwich

Bacon, eggs and pancakes

Slice of pizza

Bread and pumkin pie slice

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ruby's hearing and our family Christmas Tree

Ruby had her hearing tested today to see if the tubes in her ears are helping.She did great on the test and we were told she has perfect hearing.Yay! I can tell that Ruby is hearing better,she is talking clearer and has added many new words to her vocabulary.

Ruby has done so well with her sign language.One day last week my son Russ built a fire in our fireplace and Ruby came running to find me and she signed and said."Tree's hot!"

My son Grady came home yesterday from college for Christmas.We put up our Christmas tree tonight and my daughter Meagan made a video to share our fun.Hope you enjoy it.