Monday, November 30, 2009


Last Sunday night I saw a lump on Ruby's lower abdomen when I was changing her diaper.I took her to the doctor and she could feel the lump and thought it could be from Ruby having constipation issues, but because of Ruby's DX she ordered an ultrasound to make sure that all of Ruby's internal organs are where they are supposed to be.(I made sure to give Ruby plenty of foods and juice that would help her move things along in her bowels.I have realized that Ruby cannot have rice cereal at all because it makes her very constipated.)
I took Ruby for her ultrasound this morning and we got the results back this afternoon and everything is normal.The technician did tell us that Ruby has several gallstones but they may go away without ever causing her any trouble.

I have gotten to connect with some of the nicest people because of Ruby having Down syndrome.The ultrasound technician told me that he has a son ,who will soon be 13 ,and that he has cerebral palsy.His son goes to therapy at the same place I take Ruby.Even though his son and Ruby have different diagnoses I knew that he understood what it's like to have a child with different needs and I really felt at ease for the whole appointment.

I also want to brag on my sweet husband.He left work on Wednesday and met me at the doctor's office to be with Ruby and I just in case Ruby had to go for tests right away,and he went with me this morning for Ruby's ultrasound.I really appreciated him doing that.Thank you,sugee!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vital Stim

After Ruby had the flu last month she started having trouble manipulating her food with her tongue like she had before when she was 10 months old .While she had the flu she was not interested in eating her baby food at all ,when she got well and I tried to feed her the food would just fall back out of her mouth and onto the front of her.I took Ruby in to see her speech therapist and she decided that we would try Vital Stim again like we had back in May.Ruby started her Vital Stim therapy last week and today after having just 2 sessions Ruby is able to eat her food again without any falling out!I have been very happy with the therapy that Ruby is receiving.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Weight gain and bath time pics.

I took Ruby on October 30th for her 15 month check.As many of you know from this post,
Not gaining enough weight, I was concerned about Ruby's weight and made some changes to her diet and put her on Nutrivene-D.Well, at her 15 month check-up she weighed 16.8 lbs,her length is 28.5 in. and her head is 18 in.I'm very happy with Ruby's weight gain and can tell she is growing and getting heavier.
Ruby's pediatrician said she is very happy with Ruby's progress and thinks she is doing wonderfully.I was a little disheartened when I read the handout sheet about," What your 15 month old should be doing," but I got over it quickly because I know that Ruby is doing excellent for Ruby.
Here are some pictures of my precious baby enjoying her bath time.