Friday, October 12, 2012

Pics by Sis

Ruby's sisters love to take pictures of her.My daughter Elizabeth took these pictures when we were at the car-wash and I was vacuuming out our van.In some of the photos you can see Ruby's serious face.She was wondering what all that noise was.

Monday, October 8, 2012

She Amazes Me

Tonight I made pancakes for supper.Sometimes we like to have breakfast for supper. When I was done making the pancakes I tapped my big metal spoon against the top of the metal bowl,still half full of pancake mix,it made a loud noise.Ruby, who was sitting nearby in the entrance to the kitchen,looked up at me and clearly said,"What's that?" She amazes me sometimes with how much she understands and how much she is just like any 4 year old child.
 I was so excited just a couple of weeks ago when I saw that she had colored all over the side of my refrigerator and she left her "Artwork" on my living room wall and down the hallway wall.I was excited because I remembered her oldest brother doing a similar thing at four years old,he colored all over the wall in my hallway. When I saw Ruby's 'artwork' for a brief second I felt a little irritated,then I started laughing and smiling because I realized she did what many other four year old children do.
 I'm so thankful the Lord gave her to me.She makes me appreciate the small things,she gives me patience.

Friday, October 5, 2012


One of the Myths about Down syndrome is that the person with Down syndrome will be a burden on their family.
 The Fact is people with Down syndrome bring understanding,patience,compassion and joy to each member of the family.

Honest Feelings

The dad in this video shares his honest feelings about having a daughter with Down syndrome. When you find out you are the parent of a child with Down syndrome you go through a lot of emotions.I respect this man for sharing his thoughts of having a child who would not be perfect.I had some of those same emotions when Ruby was born.I'm not proud of some of the selfish things that ran through my mind.
I'm so blessed with Ruby and happy that she was given to me.She changed me for the better and it's a privilege to get to be her momma and take care of her.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is National Down syndrome Awareness Month

October is National Down syndrome Awareness Month.

 Ruby is just like any other child.She enjoys pretend play.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

You're Fine

When I wash Ruby's hair in the sink like this she usually signs the word for scared.We were trying to get it on video.I thought she wasn't going to say it but right at the very end of the video she does it.So funny! She did keep saying,"You're fine."

Ruby saying the names of her toys

Ruby's sister Catherine was excited that Ruby was talking so clearly while they were playing.Catherine came and showed me how Ruby could say all the names of the toys.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Putting hair on cloth dolls

I have been having so much fun making dolls! I made a doll for my daughter Catherine this past Christmas but I wasn't real happy with the results.So before I sat down to make a doll for my daughter Rebecca I looked up info on the Internet about how to sew on doll hair. Here are pictures of my results.

This is a very good tutorial about how to attach doll hair.It's my favorite.

Here is a link for free doll patterns on Anneli's website:Dollchamber

Here is a link to a picture tutorial for making a doll wig: Wig Making for Dolls
I haven't used this method yet but it looks excellent!

The Sweetest Thing

Ruby is a runner.If she sees our front door open she will go out it and start running straight down the driveway to the street.The bad thing is now she has learned to open the front door and go out.She can even unlock the lock on the door- knob.We have to keep the deadbolt locked to keep her from getting out.
My 14 yr. old son, Daniel, went out to the car to get something, Ruby,seeing that the door was not locked,opened the door and went out.From my bedroom I hear my 7 year old son,Zane,screaming Ruby's name like I have never heard him scream before.I was terrified and ran to the front door to see my son Daniel carrying Ruby back to the house.Ruby had gotten to our van in the driveway where Daniel was and he caught her.
Poor Zane did not realize that Daniel was outside and thought Ruby was getting out of the house all by herself.I took Ruby from Daniel and brought her back inside.Zane was on the couch crouched in the corner hiding his face and sobbing.He thought Ruby was going to get out in the street and get run over.I sat down next to him on the couch with Ruby in my lap.I told him everything was okay and that Daniel had seen Ruby and caught her.My poor little Zane was so relieved and grabbed Ruby and I and started hugging us.Ruby started patting Zane and saying,"You kay? You kay?"
Ruby has siblings that love her so much.We all love her so much.I can't imagine how anyone could ever think that a child with Down syndrome is a burden. Ruby is our treasure.
I just thought it was the sweetest thing to see how much my son loves his little sister, and how much she loves him in return.

Ruby Cheering for Her Niece

My grand-baby is learning to walk!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catch up post

Well,I was going to try and put a title on each picture but I just haven't had the time to.So here are some pictures of a few things that have been going on in my life since the first of the year.Mine and my husband's anniversary,birthday's,a new grandson,and of course my little miss Ruby.

Learn how to Make a cloth doll

Very cute and easy cloth doll making instructions

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rebecca and Rosa Bunny

I crocheted an amigurumi bunny for my daughter Rebecca.She loves it so much and has named it Rosa.Now my son Zane is wanting an amigurumi puppy.
They are so fun to crochet ! If you crochet and would like the pattern for Rosa and other cute amigurumi pals you can find them for free on

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ruby singing to her doll

Ruby was sitting in the middle of our living room floor this morning singing to her babydoll.She had been singing for quite a few minutes before I thought to video her. Here she is:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update on Ruby

I have been so bad about neglecting my blog.I thought I would give an update on Ruby.
She got to come home from the hospital on Feb.2nd and was on oxygen until about 5 days ago when we were finally able to wean her completely off.
 She lost 4 lbs. off of her already tiny body.We were so happy when on the second day home she started asking for pizza.I have been feeding her lots of yogurt and giving her probiotics because taking antibiotics for over two weeks gave her horrible diarrhea.She is starting to get some of her weight back.
Ruby is getting back to herself.I'm so glad to see all the books from the bottom of the bookshelf in the floor and my little tornado sitting in the middle of them looking at the pictures.

Thank you for all the prayers that went up to the Lord for our sweet little girl.Thank you to my Facebook friends for your comments that helped me so much and cheered me up.It's nice to know so many people care.
Thank you to my wonderful friend and midwife,Helen,for bringing a delicious supper that was hot and waiting for us the evening we were able to bring Ruby home.Helen,it means so much to me that you did that for us even though you were greiving for your son and also had a husband who had just had surgery.You are so precious. And, I'm so impressed that you remembered
 13 years later that Elizabeth was born breech! I love you!

It's not easy to smile while I'm eating pizza!

Ruby was so happy to be home with her sisters.

Ruby's big brother reading to her

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Help Charlotte Get Home!

My friend Kelly wants to bring her beautiful daughter Charlotte home,but she needs your help.Wont you please,please,pretty please,go and donate to help bring Charlotte home to her mommy and daddy? They need the money right away!They will be traveling on February, 6th ,to go to their court date.
Follow this link to her' Covered Giveaway' there are some terrific items to win,and you will be helping give a special little girl her family.

Hurry Home Ruby

Ruby was sick with the Flu and she got pneumonia in her right lung and had to be admitted to the hospital.Today makes the 9th day that Ruby has been in the hospital.Ruby ran fever for the first 6 days.She has been getting I.V. fluids because she wouldn't eat or drink.
She has been receiving respiratory therapy with a device called,The Vest Airway Clearance System.The Vest has really helped Ruby to be able to clear the mucus out of her lungs,it compresses and releases the chest wall up to 25 times per second helping to create mini-coughs to dislodge the mucus.We were told that The Vest is used with Cystic Fibrosis patients.I was impressed with this little device.Ruby doesn't like it so much though.Poor little girl,she whines the whole 12 minutes of treatment,and because the the vest is inflating and deflating so fast it shakes her and makes her voice sound like a lamb baaing.

Ruby is also having to have oxygen,the most she has had to have is 2 liters, now she is down to 1/2 a liter.She has started drinking some fluids.The doctors are telling us if we can just get her off the oxygen she can come home.

I took Ruby's sisters to visit her tonight and she was so happy to see them.They had not seen each other since Ruby had gone to the hospital because they had all been sick with the Flu,too. When we got there Ruby's respiratory therapist was in the room and Ruby was crying,but as soon as she saw her sisters she stopped and smiled real big and said,"Hey,there!" The girls brought Ruby some stuffed animals and Ruby said,"Ooh,thank you!"

My husband has been so great all this time and has spent almost every night with Ruby.

I will be sooooo happy when Ruby can come home.I miss her pulling all the books off the shelf in the living room.The bookshelf just looks way too neat
.We all miss reading to her and wondering what she is getting into now.
I miss her telling me,"I be back," when she leaves the room I'm in.I miss her calling out for me saying,"Mom,mom!"

Oh,and Ruby is on the sixth floor at the children's hospital.The symbol and name of the sixth floor is a Monarch butterfly.Butterflies are the symbol for Down syndrome.Way,cool.

Ruby and' Bibiss' (Elizabeth)

Oh,thank you!