Monday, June 21, 2010

Eye check and other updates

My husband and I took Ruby today to see an opthamologist at our local children's hospital ,her eyesight is fine and she wont have to have her eye's checked again until she turns four.Yeah!While she was having her eyes checked she kept saying,"Hi!" to the opthamologist and saying "see it?" at the different lenses and lights the Dr. was using.The Dr's were very good with Ruby.

Ruby has started cruising along our furniture so I'm hoping to see her start trying to walk on her own soon.Although I'm sure as soon as she is walking she will be getting into even more than she does already!  She is really starting to pick up on using more sign language and speaking new words.She's so cute and will sign and say "bath" when I change her diaper,thinking that I'm getting her undressed for a bath.  :) She is saying "bite" when she sees any of us with food and loves to try and eat what we are eating, but usually she just chews on the food for a bit then spits it out because she has difficulty swallowing food with much texture without gagging.

We had a great time on our visit to the Zoo on Memorial day,which I posted pictures from on my Wordless Wednesday.A couple of commenter's from that post asked if Ruby liked the Zoo and I wanted to answer that ,yes, Ruby was very good at the zoo even though it was an extremely hot day.My husband and I were exhausted by the end of the day and my husband spent $22.00  and a 20 minute wait,just so we could all ride the train back to the front of the zoo, so we wouldn't have to walk all that way to leave.
Ruby enjoyed all the animals and would wave and say ,"Hi!" to them and she also made growling sounds at them.
While we were there I noticed an older couple and their grown children , one of the young women had Down syndrome.I didn't say anything to them and just observed how sweetly the family members all were to this young woman.I saw them several times while we were walking through the zoo,then while we were sitting down to rest, near the giraffes,this same family came over to look at the giraffes and the mother,who was in a wheelchair,noticed Ruby sitting  in her stroller."Look," she said to her daughter who had Ds,that little girl is just like you! At first it didn't appear that the daughter noticed Ruby but then after her mother started asking me questions about Ruby she turned and looked at her and her face just looked so sweet and she said,"Look! She like me ,she like me! I just wanted to hug her! We found out her name was Juliette and she was 39 years old,she looked great by the way ,her mother told me that Ruby would return much love back to us as long as we showed much love to her and that she would be a great blessing to our family.She also told me the best advice that she could give me was to not let Ruby do things now while she's 2 that I don't want her to do when she is 21.I don't know why I didn't think to take a picture of Ruby and Juliette together.I could just kick myself.sigh.Their hair was even the same color!

Thank you for all the well wishes to my son Grady on his college acceptance!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I found out today that my son Grady was accepted into the college that he wants to go to!He is going for a graphic arts major.Grady I'm so proud of you!