Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jeanette's visit -Blogging Friends

I had a very nice visit yesterday with Jeanette and Heidi.Jeanette didn't get to bring her little girl Sydney with her this time but I hope to get to meet her too sometime.I think Heidi needs to let Henry model.He is so handsome and loves having his picture taken.

I'm enjoying making so many new friends because of Ruby's extra chromosome :)

Here are some pics of Ruby getting her bath.She absolutely loves getting a bath!She splashes and splashes,getting everything around her soaking wet!I enjoy every minute of it!I'm so happy that she is able to sit up on her own and play in the water.

She has two new bottom front teeth that I would like to get a picture of but she just wont let me:)


Monica Crumley said...

Darling photos. I'm so glad you have some blogging friends nearby, too. It makes life so much more fun when we can share our experiences. Ruby's a doll! We used to do the sink baths, too.

Ria said...

Fun! We're looking forward to meeting handsome Henry and Heidi in September. :-)

Beverly said...

how exciting to meet blogging friends! I love that last photo of Ruby, she is so darn beautiful!

Becca said...

Cute pics! We were lucky to get to meet Jeanette last year, too, but also didn't get to meet Sydney. Yes, this extra chromosome certainly has brought us an awful lot of new friends, too!

Getting a photo of those new teeth will certainly be a challenge, but I'm sure you'll catch her at the right time eventually!

Lisa said...

So envious of her front teeth :)

Michelle said...

how neat that you were able to meet up with blogging friends!