Saturday, October 3, 2009

Patent foramen ovale

Ruby was diagnosed with Patent foramen ovale when she was 3 months old by her cardiologist.For some reason ,I can't explain ,I have never looked up anything about this condition,which isn't like me at all,I look everything up.Maybe it was because the cardiologist assured me that this was nothing to worry about and may close all the way in time.I knew Ruby had a small hole in her heart between the left and right ventrical.

Today I looked up the definition for PFO here and here , and found that some concerns could be migraines and possibly strokes.Ruby's cardiologist wanted to see her back in a year to recheck her heart.Her appointment is October 6th and I'm praying this problem has corrected itself.I'm glad I didn't look this up before because I'm sure I would have been fretting over it. I read that it's not a concern for most people, but lets face it Ruby is already not like most people.This bit of info(With each heart beat or when a person with this defect creates pressure inside his or her chest - such as when coughing, sneezing, or straining during a bowel movement - the flap can open, and blood can flow in either direction directly between the right and left atrium. When blood moves directly from the right atrium to the left atrium, this blood bypasses the filtering system of the lungs (the lungs actually do dissolve tiny blood clots. If debris is present in the blood, such as small blood clots, it now passes through the left atrium and can lodge in the brain, causing a stroke, or another organ, such as the heart, eyes, or kidneys.) really bothered me because Ruby has a terrible time with constipation.


Sonia said...

Until now, I thought Lillian was the only one who had a PFO! Lillian also has a VSD. However, her PFO wasn't discovered until she was 9 months old, and her cardiologist wasn't too concern over it.

Wendy P said...

I'll be praying for good news on the 6th for y'all.

Beth said...

Uh oh... playing Dr Google always gets me in trouble with worrying too!

It will be nice to get the cardio's opinion on Tuesday. Cardiologists are pretty well known for being conservative--I'm sure that any risk is quite small.

What have you been doing to help the constipation? Have you tried probiotics? abdominal massage? change in diet? enzymes? Hannah had constipation issues when she was little. As she became more mobile it was less of a problem.

Beverly said...

now I am worried. I dont even know what the name of what Noah has, bad I know. He had two holes at birth and one closed. But, the dr here keeps acting like it is ok. Even though Joel keeps saying we need to go to another dr.