Friday, December 4, 2009

My oldest daughter.

My oldest daughter turned 15 yesterday.She has been such a joy to me and is such a sweet person.She had some very difficult things happen to her during her 14th year.She had her Grandfather and step-Grandmother turn against her when she reported to them that the step-Grandma's 19 year old grandson had assaulted her during a stay at their house.They made her feel like she was not important and did not tell me or her Daddy what happened.She finally told me a month after it happened.Her Grandpa has not told her he was sorry about what happened and basically let me and her Daddy know that it was her own fault.I'm sure he would have continued to hide it from us if she had not told me,his only concern has been to protect himself.He is such a joke and continues to be a youth pastor.
I have so much sympathy for women and girls who have been sexually assaulted and are made to feel ashamed and that it was somehow there own fault.My daughter's choice of her first kiss has been taken away from her and it was NOT her fault.
It has been so hard for me to deal with because she is like a precious gem to me and I would give my life for hers and she has been treated like she is trash.


Denise said...

I am proud of you Cheryl for talking about this. I know this has been very difficult for your family but by you bringing it out in the open, it shows that it shouldn't be something that is hidden and shameful. What that boy did was wrong and it is not her fault at all. I hope you are all coping well. I think of you soooo often!!!

Emily said...

OH... what a pretty girl. I sure hope she will recover from this. She is a strong person for telling you. Good for you for spreading the word. xoxo

Brandie said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry that the grandfather is making things even harder for her. Makes you wonder whatever happened to personal responsibility? Its so sad when people blame the victim.

Tina said...

She really is a brave girl for coming out and talking about this incidence that has robbed her of her innocence, it must have been hard for her to talk about, and so so hard for you as a mother to have to live with knowing what your dear little girl has had to tolerate from her grandfather. Well she has a wonderful supportive family and I am sure you are all behind her and helping her get through this. It's so wonderful that you have been able to talk about it, very brave of you and yes its also one of the steps to healing. A very happy 15th birthday to you big beautiful girl

Heather said...

What a strong young woman you have raised and I am certain,with you by her side, she will find her way beautifully.

Side note:Absolutely incredible picture of Jax by your son.You have some truly amazing children.Inside and out.You must be so proud.

Loving the faces of Ruby lately!

Beverly said...

so sorry she had to go through this and deal with bad adult behavior on top of it! Praying all is well for her and the family!