Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Update on Marlena

From a missionary who visited with her in November 2010: " I'm so excited that Marlena is listed! That little angel has totally captured my heart and I would love to see her find a family at a young age. Here are my observations: Marlena has been in and out of the hospital several times over the past couple of months. She is tiny and seems to be struggling as a result of her heart defect (trouble breathing, etc.). Nevertheless, she is a content little girl, eats well and is very alert. She loves to be held and will make eye contact for long periods of time. I believe she will truly thrive in a family. She needs a family quickly and I know she will be such a blessing to whoever is fortunate enough to call her their own. I've attached two photos of Marlena the first was taken at 6 weeks, the second was taken just this morning (the bandaging around her arm is because she was being given IV and her tiny little hands just cannot support it). "

Wont you please donate so that Marlena can be adopted soon.You can donate on the 'Chip In' on my sidebar.

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