Friday, December 30, 2011

Rag doll and felt foods

I had fun this Christmas making things for my kids.My ambitions were too big and I didn't start early enough though.I didn't get everything finished so I will be sewing up a few more presents.

I think one of my favorite items to sew was the little rag doll that I made for my daughter Catherine.I can't wait to get started on dolls for my daughters Rebecca and Ruby. I used Simplicity pattern 2809 ,
I bought my pattern on sale for a $1.50 at my local Joann fabric store.
My 12 year old daughter Elizabeth helped me make felt food for Catherine and Rebecca.We had fun staying up to all hours of the morning listening to Christmas music and cutting,stuffing and sewing felt food. I used Simplicity pattern 2445  for the fruit and veggies and free patterns from the internet for the snack foods.

Here are some links to free felt food patterns:
Bag of chips and sandwich

Bacon, eggs and pancakes

Slice of pizza

Bread and pumkin pie slice


teal915 said...

Wow, those are great. I just pinned this on Pinterest. One day I'll get a sewing machine, and I'll do stuff like this.

Kristi said...

Great Job...homemade christmas gifts are the best..last year we made most of our kids gifts but sadly this year i had no time..i need to start right now for next christmas so i can have a jump start!!!:)