Friday, January 20, 2012

A 25 year old man with Down syndrome Runs a Restaurant

This young man is amazing to me.I want to go to New Mexico and eat in his restaurant.I would love for my whole family to get to meet him.How wonderful that his parents helped him to do this.
You can follow the link I'm going to share and read the story.In one of the comments the commenter says,"We eat at Tim's Place at least twice a month. The food is wonderful and the service is great. We have come to know Tim and expect our hugs every time we go there. The entire family is an inspiration to all of us."
Here's the link: Tim's Place:A dream followed


Sabrina said...

What an inspirational story! I re-posted this link to my Facebook page. I hope I can visit Tim's Place someday and get one of his signature hugs :)

andieclark said...

I am inspired by this story because despite his disability, still he was able to successfully manage his own restaurant. My sister's looking for caterers in New York for her wedding and I think this restaurant should be considered.