Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Putting hair on cloth dolls

I have been having so much fun making dolls! I made a doll for my daughter Catherine this past Christmas but I wasn't real happy with the results.So before I sat down to make a doll for my daughter Rebecca I looked up info on the Internet about how to sew on doll hair. Here are pictures of my results.

This is a very good tutorial about how to attach doll hair.It's my favorite.

Here is a link for free doll patterns on Anneli's website:Dollchamber

Here is a link to a picture tutorial for making a doll wig: Wig Making for Dolls
I haven't used this method yet but it looks excellent!

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Caspian Serase said...

One atlernative from is the use of folded microfiber cloth to make sponge and flowing hair for the DIY dolls.