Saturday, July 21, 2012

You're Fine

When I wash Ruby's hair in the sink like this she usually signs the word for scared.We were trying to get it on video.I thought she wasn't going to say it but right at the very end of the video she does it.So funny! She did keep saying,"You're fine."


Cindy said...

Oh, her 'cry' almost broke my heart! I occasionally feel scared when I'm at the hairdresser getting my hair washed. You're fully clothed and laying down, not a very common situation when getting wet! :)

I used to give my kids a washrag to put over their eyes. It seemed to calm them and gave them control to keep the water out of their eyes.

I loved hearing Ruby say, "You're fine!" Too cute!

April Vernon said...

I loved both of the videos. Such a sweety!