Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Christmas Road Trip

Wow,I didn't know it had been so long since I blogged! My husband was working out of town for November and December so I was pretty busy taking care of my family on my own.Of course we just had to get a stomach flu for Thanksgiving !
 My two college boys came home for Christmas break and one of them brought his girlfriend to meet us.We all love her and hope she gets to come visit again soon.

Grady and Brooke

Brooke and my silly girls

We had such a good time decorating our tree .Ruby kept saying,"Party,party!"
It was so nice to have Aaron home for Christmas.We all missed his piano playing.

Ruby's big sister Meagan gave her a guitar for Christmas.She loves it!

Well here are a ton of pictures from our Christmas road trip to Alabama. My husband was working in Alabama so we went there to visit him.

Ruby slept for a lot of the road trip.

Breakfast at IHOP on Christmas morning.
Charlie Brown Christmas tree in my husband's hotel room.

We went to see a movie Christmas evening.

This is how it looked when we came out of the theater! We had no idea there were several tornadoes in the area during the movie!
Heavy rains and high winds when we got back to the rooms.

The day after Christmas we took the kids to see the ocean in Gulf Shores,Alabama. The younger children had never been to the ocean. It was pretty chilly that day but we had an awesome time.
Ruby's first time to the ocean.

My sweet girl always giving me kisses

Some of my kids :)

Three of my sons

My youngest boy :)

Miss Ruby

Ruby and her brother Daniel


My sweet daughter

My hubby

One of my girls with a can full of shells

Beautiful shells we found

He has a live jelly fish

Looking at the jelly before they let it go.

More shells! It's so addicting looking for all those pretty shells.

It's cold!

Ruby sitting with me and playing in the sand.


my family said...

aww I wish I would have know we could have met drove through lousiana! We did uss kid this fall with my daughters girl scout troop, they had a blast. how did your kids like it?

making any more trips that way?

Cheryl said...

Yes,there is a chance we could be going back through Louisiana sometime.I will definitely let you know when we do.I would love to meet you!