Friday, July 24, 2009

Treadmill Therapy-Walking Wings

I'm not sure I like using the Walking Wings because as you can see in the video they come up on her chest and under her chin when I pick Ruby up in them.I think I have more control of Ruby when I just hold her with my hands.Somebody ,I can't remember who right now,said they use gardening gloves to hold on to the baby,maybe I will try some of those.

You can see Ruby likes to jump alot!I get so tickled at her :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Verse

It is not the work,but the worry
That makes the world grow old,
That shortens the years of many
Before half their life is told.
It is not the work,but the worry
That places on life a band,
The cares and fears that crowd the years
That break the heart of man.
Casting all your care upon Him;for he careth for you. (1Peter 5:7)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pampered Chef Giveaway

Lora Leigh at Life with the Browns is celebrating her 100th blog post with a Pampered Chef giveaway.I love Pampered Chef! Go take a look!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Large Family of Special Needs Children

I just saw a special on t.v. this past week about the Murphy family who have a large family of adopted special needs children.This family amazes me,that they would take on that many children who need special care and do such a wonderful job with all of them.I searched on You Tube and found a video about them to share with you.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful that we can celebrate our freedom.

2.I'm thankful that I have such wonderful family to celebrate with.

My daughter and her Uncle

3.I'm thankful Ruby has such a super Aunt and Uncle.

4.I'm thankful for a sweet and thoughtful Father-in-law who bought this pillow for Ruby,that says "God Made You Special", at a silent auction at the church he attends.

5.I'm thankful for my little girl who turned six this week.

6.I'm thankful for a son who gladly decorated t-shirts for his brother and sister for camp this week.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Jaxson's Fight Fundraiser

Mama Monkmee is having a fundraiser for this terrific little boy,Jaxson from Jaxson's Fight.Go on over and look at the great prizes she is giving away and help this awesome little boy.

Mama Monkmee

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Repost-Always Reaching

Sunflowermom posted this awhile back and then I posted it, it's so beautiful that I wanted to go ahead and post it again for those who haven't seen it.

"Always Reaching"

written by a father of a child with Down Syndrome: From the STL DS Newsletterby Matthew’s Dad

Every time I see my son, I reach for him. It doesn’t matter if he rounds the corner 4 seconds after I have seen him last, or if I am picking him up from school and have not seen him for hours…I reach for him. I can be 1 foot away or 100 feet away…I reach for him just the same. I reach for him with my arms, with my eyes, with my heart. I wonder sometimes what I am reaching for. I have seen this in other people when they see my son.My family, my friends and perfect strangers. They all reach for him. I see the same movements, the same gestures, the same need to hold out their hands for him. They want him to come to them, some know him and some don’t. Some call his name and others just motion for him. But they all seem to want him to come.For a moment, you can see his spirit reflected in their faces. I watch the smiles grow across their faces with a fullness that is unavoidable.When he falls into their arms (which is what he does to everyone), I see a momentary peace envelop them, and their eyes close, they pull him in and they experience what I call “The Joy of Matthew”.He gives it to you. He wraps you in it. He wriggles and squirms and mashes the love into you. If you did not know what to expect, you may be surprised and find yourself amazed at the feeling, overwhelmed at the emotion he carries with him. I am lucky. I get to hold him all the time.And I have been able to think about that feeling and where it comes from and what it may mean. I think Matthew is a window through which we see a pureness of emotion… pure happiness, pure sorrow, pure joy and pure love.Despite what some may think, our special children are closer to God than we are. We see so much in them that we lack. We wish quietly in so many ways that we could be more like them. And when we hold them, if just for a moment, we feel closer to God.That must be why I am always reaching for my son. That must be why they all reach for him

Giveaway Winners

The winners of my Nursing Cover giveaway are, Patti, at To Love Endlessly and ,Melanie, at Baeten Family . Ladies please e-mail me your address at and I will get them sent to you.