Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I knew that the snowboarder ,Kevin Pearce,had a brain injury from hitting his head on the lip of the wall of ice that they snowboard on.My 18 year old son had come and told me about it several weeks ago when it happened.I watched a video of the accident on the internet.I was so sad for him and his parents because I thought how horrible it must be to have a healthy strong child and then for him to have a catastrophic brain injury.

Last night I was in the kitchen and my husband called me from the living room and said,"Cheryl,come look at this."I sat down and started watching the piece ,Tom Brokaw, was doing on ,Kevin.I started crying as soon as I saw his brother who has Down syndrome.I was so impressed by the strength of Kevin's family.

I'm sure most of you have seen it by now but here is a link to the video.


heidi marie said...

it always so wonderful to see people in the news, especially people who are celebrities in their own right, who have a sibling with special needs...and they are so close and supportive of one another. it's all in how your raised!!!

mandd3 said...

What a great family! Thanks for sharing the video - I'd not seen it before.

To Love Endlessly said...

very touching. thanks for sharing.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Thanks for sharing this video! I had not seen it before. It was very moving. I'm new to your blog. Our girls are less then a month apart in age! How fun!!! I look forward to reading all about her!!!