Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dolls,Signs, Rockers and Beds

Ruby adores her baby dolls.She can clearly say "Baby" and has also learned the sign for baby.She has many board books with babies in them and she turns the pages and points at the pictures and says,"Baby" and then signs baby.
Ruby has been sick with a cold and I have been having to wipe her nose quite often.Yesterday she sat playing with one of her baby dolls and picked up the cloth that I had been using to keep her face clean and she wiped her doll's nose.So sweet!

I have been so happy to see Ruby using the signs she is learning.She signs for her milk now instead of crying for it.She looks at me and signs 'Milk 'and then holds her arm out towards the kitchen and signs 'Milk'again.She has even added to her sign for 'Bubbles' by touching her lips with her fingers and then holding her hand away from her face and making the sign for 'Bubbles'.

I am thinking about getting Ruby a little rocking chair because she really liked a rocking chair that her Auntie has at her house.I found this one that I think might be perfect because Ruby would also be able to put her baby doll next to her ,I found it here.I also like this precious rocking horse.

After I looked at rockers I looked at the kids beds this cute Dora bed caught my 6 year old daughter's eye.She loves anything with Dora on it.

I always wanted a canopy bed when I was a little girl and thought some of these were gorgeous.


stephanie said...

That Ruby is so unbelievable. Emmie just got yet another baby doll in the hopes that she would sign baby or even show any interest in the doll. BUT, biting it's head is about where we are right now.

I just love that rocker, it's beautiful. Ruby deserves it, she takes such good care of her baby doll.

Cathy said...

How sweet!!! I can just picture Ruby wiping the baby's face. Unfortunately, in our house, Lily flings the dolls and baby isn't one of her signs.

The rocking chair is adorable. I think it would be perfect for Ruby.

Emily said...

How precious! Love how all of a sudden these signs just click! It's so exciting.
Love the rocker!

Kelly said...

Way to go Ruby! I think she deserves a reward:) Love the rocking chair!!

Lacey said...

So cute! I remember I wanted all that cute stuff for my dolls, but they didn't have them back then.

Heidi said...

Good job learning those signs Ruby! I love that rocking chair - so cute!

Tausha said...

Love the rocker, it's darling. Great job on the signing. I love that she loves her dolls, such a little Mom. She is taking lessons from her great Mom.

To Love Endlessly said...

that rocker is too cute for words!!!