Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom homeschools her daughter who has Down syndrome

In His Care: Our Story of Raising a Child with Down Syndrome
By Beth Grove

I was hearing my doctor�s voice, but it seemed as if he were talking to me through a tube, and the reality of what he was telling me was too much to comprehend. His voice then became clearer as I heard him say ��and all these symptoms suggest that your baby has Down syndrome.� He went on to say more but the words �Down syndrome� bounced around in my mind like one of those Super Balls I played with as a child. How could this be happening?

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Lacey said...

Its a great story. I don't know if I like homeschooling DS kids. But I don't like homeschooling normal kids. I think they need the social interactions.

Tausha said...

Interesting story. I don't know that I would have the patience to do that but then again I don't have patience for much. :-)

Ruby's Mom said...

Most Homeschooled children are very socialized.I have always involved my children in activities that include plenty of socialization like church,4-H,baseball,soccer,soccer refereeing,painting classes,horse riding lesson's and violin lesson's.People who don't homeschool usually don't realise all the activities involving real life socialization that goes on.:)

mandd3 said...

I homeschool my older two and totally plan on homeschooling Tomas as well. There are more social opportunities than we have time for. I think that perception is leftover from a time when homeschooling was not as prevalent as it is now.

Brandie said...

That was a great article. Thanks for sharing! It really fits where I am at right now. We are going to homeschool Goldie. We just finished her IEP and I need to post about it on my blog, but we refused a classroom placement for her. We had a lot of pressure, even from family, to put her in preschool. I told them, we've gotten her this far so I'm sure we can handle it.