Friday, May 14, 2010

Ruby is growing and a picture from Mother's Day

I put Ruby on lactose free milk and she has finally started putting on weight and is able to have regular bowel movements.I took her for a check-up with her doctor and her weight is in the 25th percentile on the Down syndrome charts,up from the 10th percentile.Ruby still will not eat enough food for me to quit giving her a bottle.I give her lactose free whole
milk,two tablespoons of infant oatmeal cereal,and vitamins in her bottles.

I have already shared my Mother's Day picture on Facebook so a lot of you have already seen it
 but I wanted to post it to my blog too.

Please,remember to keep praying for Sweet Ella as she fights Leukemia.


Becca said...

Wow, that's great that she's had so much growth! We kept Samantha on a bottle of formula with her vitamins until she was 2, for a variety of reasons. Sounds like Ruby's doing great!

Heather said...

You mean there is actually hope for Zoey's bowels to get in the groove of things .... those little intestine's of her's are finicky!

Ruby is getting so big and the family is gorgeous!

JennyH said...

What a great picture. Hope you had a great mother's day!

Emily said...

Darling picture for sure!

Sharon said...

Great pic! We keep Kayleigh on Pediasure. If we didn't she wouldn't gain any weight.