Thursday, December 2, 2010

The  young couple that will be adopting little Marlena have started a blog called The Reynold's Wrap
They will also be adopting another little sweetie named John Mark.Wont you go by and take a look and leave some words of encouragement?

Last night, quite by accident ,I stumbled upon a movie on Netflix called,"Who are the Debolts," about a couple who have a large family with biological children and some adopted children.All of the adopted children have disabilities.The movie was made back in the 70's so all of the children are grown now.
I am so touched by people who adopt children with special needs.I have always wanted to adopt a little girl from China because of all the girls there that need homes, but I honestly have to say I never thought about adopting a special needs child until Ruby was born and brought such joy and blessing to our family.Here's a link about the Debolts .

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Patti said...

I love your new blog header- Ruby is so beautiful!!