Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ray of Sunshine

Things have been pretty busy at our house.We are getting adjusted to life with my Mom and her little dog Bruno.My mom has Alzheimer's and can't live by herself anymore.For the most part things have been going pretty good.My 7 yr old daughter Rebecca is scared of my mom's dog though and even after 2 months is still mostly staying in her room to stay away from the dog.She has always been terrified of dogs and it doesn't help that Bruno,who is a long haired chiuaua,is yippy and growls about everything .
I bought games,play dough,puzzles,new coloring books and markers to keep Becca busy while she is in her room.I also try and take her with me on any outings I have to make and on Saturday I had one of my son's take the television out of my room and put it in Rebecca's room . She loves to watch the qubo channel and play Barbie on the x-box.
My mom enjoys being around all my kids and keeps telling me that Ruby is a,"Ray of sunshine." Ruby thinks grandma is pretty special too and pats and hugs on her any chance she gets.

Reading with Grandma


Becca said...

How wonderful that Ruby and her grandma get to spend so much time together. Alzheimer's is so hard, though, and I'm sorry to hear about that. My grandmother had it, and I wish she and Samantha would have had a chance to know each other - Sammi looks so much like her.

Yippy/growly dogs are the worst!!! LOL

Monica said...

What a blessing for Ruby and Grandma to spend so much time together. I'll bet having someone sweet like Ruby around her is very good medicine.