Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update on Ruby

I have been so bad about neglecting my blog.I thought I would give an update on Ruby.
She got to come home from the hospital on Feb.2nd and was on oxygen until about 5 days ago when we were finally able to wean her completely off.
 She lost 4 lbs. off of her already tiny body.We were so happy when on the second day home she started asking for pizza.I have been feeding her lots of yogurt and giving her probiotics because taking antibiotics for over two weeks gave her horrible diarrhea.She is starting to get some of her weight back.
Ruby is getting back to herself.I'm so glad to see all the books from the bottom of the bookshelf in the floor and my little tornado sitting in the middle of them looking at the pictures.

Thank you for all the prayers that went up to the Lord for our sweet little girl.Thank you to my Facebook friends for your comments that helped me so much and cheered me up.It's nice to know so many people care.
Thank you to my wonderful friend and midwife,Helen,for bringing a delicious supper that was hot and waiting for us the evening we were able to bring Ruby home.Helen,it means so much to me that you did that for us even though you were greiving for your son and also had a husband who had just had surgery.You are so precious. And, I'm so impressed that you remembered
 13 years later that Elizabeth was born breech! I love you!

It's not easy to smile while I'm eating pizza!

Ruby was so happy to be home with her sisters.

Ruby's big brother reading to her


Becca said...

So glad to hear she's doing better! That photo of her reading with her brother is *priceless.* :-)

Rochelle said...

I was just thinking about sending you a message to see how she was doing. So thankful for the great update!

Sabrina said...

So glad Ruby is on the mend! Your pictures are adorable; thanks for sharing! <3

Love is all you need said...

Such a lovely blog and a beautiful girl. Have you ever been to kellehampton.com? She was also blessed with a down syndrome baby girl and like yours, her blog is really inspiring!

Nikki said...

So glad she is feeling better!

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JaybirdNWA said...

Sorry to hear that she has been sick but glad to hear that she is home. That is such a stress on the whole family. May the Lord bless you.