Monday, February 23, 2009

My soccer post

After thinking about my previous post I started thinking about some good things that might come from soccer practice and games.I took Ruby to my 14 yr old daughters practice yesterday and she seemed really interested in all those girls running around.Ruby is a people person even her PT noticed this about her,she would rather play with people than toys,maybe she will enjoy all the people at the games and maybe all the noise will be good for her.I know I said I was worried about what people might say but we have met a lot of very nice people in soccer who will probably say some pretty nice things and in fact some already have.I can protect her from the weather and maybe leave her with her granny on days it's too hot out.So,I'm going to stop my grumbling and look for the good things!

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Lovin Mama said...

Taxiing kids with a baby in tow can be such a pain. But, I have met some of the most amazing moms since Goldie was born. They see her and know I'm one of them and they can open up to me. Its like our own secret club.