Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm just not looking forward to soccer,it's so much work getting everybody to practices and games.My husband coaches and he gets so into it and it takes up a lot of his time.I always feel second to soccer during the season:) Plus now I have Ruby to worry about,I worry about the germs she will be exposed to,the weather and will she be able to handle it,people's reaction to her and what stupidity might come out of their mouth,when will I be able to pump milk when I'm running around all day Saturdays trying to get kids dressed and to their games,what a pain it will be on days I have to go to therapies and soccer practices.
Man,I guess I'm just a complainer today.

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SunflowerMom said...

That does sound exhausting! Hopefully you can find a balance that will work for all of you, since it sounds like you family is very passionate about it.

Regarding pumping- I saw one of those mini-electric pumps this fall in person and heard from a mother that used it exclusively and she said it was wonderful! I'm not sure about the cost or if they are available for rent near you, but it might be worth looking into for just the busy season.