Thursday, April 2, 2009

Athlete with Down syndrome beats odds

I love finding and sharing these articles.Our children can accomplish so much with our help.

Down syndrome athlete beats odds
By Alison Herget- For the CDT

Alek Masters would never develop like his peers, never be able to enjoy the same activities as other children his age, the doctors suggested.

Fifteen years ago, Christine and Robert Masters listened as doctor after doctor painted a bleak outlook for their newborn son, who had Down syndrome, a congenital disorder that causes mild to moderate mental handicaps. But the couple did not succumb to the negativity.
“We walked out of that doctor’s appointment pretty much realizing that we were going to do for him what we were going to do for any of
our other kids, and that is offer them opportunities, stimulate them and encourage them to do the best they could,” said Christine Masters, of Boalsburg.
On Friday, Alek and his family will be in Seattle, where he will be honored by the Arlington, Va.-based Council for Exceptional Children with a 2009 Yes I Can! Award for his extracurricular achievements.

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Monica said...

Oh, I love these stories too!!! And you always find great ones!!! Thanks for sharing them!!

Tausha said...

Thanks for posting. I love hearing those stories and knowing the possibilities for all our kids. Thanks!!!