Friday, March 4, 2011

Ruby is Amazing

Ruby just amazes me.Right now as I'm writing this post she is standing at our back door calling our dog,"Angel!" "Where is she?" "Is she?" "Angel?" "Where is the puppy?" Ruby amazes me with her ability to speak. Now she has crawled over to me asking me,"Angel? Is she?" as she points outside our sun room windows,"Where is she?"
 Ruby melts my heart, I can never imagine why I was so sad when I gave birth to her.Any sorrow has been totally replaced with joy and pride in my beautiful daughter.


Holly said...

I think we all feel that exact same way! Ruby is amazing!

Becca said...

Love this!!! Ruby is such a star! If only we knew then what we know now, right? Our kids never cease to amaze us. :-)

Larry Barcroft said...

Ruby is beautiful!..and smart!
I remember when our son was born,(at home)and we found out he was DS.
I was so saddened, and thought our whole world had come crashing down.
It took me a few days to realize what an awesome gift God had given us! We became more aware and amazed of the gift he was as time passed.
God only gives good gifts!

stephanie said...

I love Ruby stories!! It gives me so much confidence that Em will speak too.

Ruby has amazed me since the day i "met" her!

Brandie said...

Wow! She is awesoooome!