Friday, October 21, 2011

21 things about Ruby

Because today is the 21st and October is Down syndrome awareness month I'm going to post 21 things about Ruby.

  1. Ruby loves to be read to.She also loves to look at books by herself.

     2.Ruby loves pizza,macaroni and cheese,cheez its,spaghetti,garden rottini noodles with italian dressing,salad, smoothies,cooked carrots,mashed potatos,yogurt and tootsie pops.
   3.Ruby knows and uses sign language.
   4.Ruby can say her name and she also signs her name by making an 'R' over her heart.
   5.Ruby was given her sign name by a missionary to the deaf.
   6.Ruby calls her daddy "Dassy." Dassy is a mix of her daddy's name Rusty and daddy.
   7.Ruby has 4 sisters,6 brothers and 2 sisters-in-law.

   8.All of Ruby's siblings adore her.
   9.Ruby is very dramatic.She loves to have "conversations" with people while waving her hands around and then placing her hands on her hips.

  10.Ruby likes going to church on Sunday and tells me she's cute after I get her dress on and her hair done.
  11.Ruby hates having her hair brushed and fixed.
  12.Ruby can say all of her brothers and sisters names.
  13.Ruby used to call her oldest brother grass.His name is Russ but she thought we were saying grass.She would also sign grass. :)
  14.Ruby is an aunt and she loves trying to help take care of her neice when she comes over.
  15.Ruby normaly stays up until midnight.I have tried to get her to go to sleep earlier and she just wont.I'm just glad she doesn't stay awake all night like she did when she was an infant!
  16.Ruby loves dogs.One of her first words was our dog's name,'Angel.'
  17.Ruby has Brushfield Spots in her eyes and they make her eyes sparkle.
  18.Ruby loves music which she calls "mugic."
  19.Ruby loves her grandma.
  20.Ruby is very caring,if she thinks you are sad or see's you crying she very gently pats your back and in a sweet voice say,"You kay?"
  21.Ruby is very friendly and waves and says,"Hi!" to everyone.

I am so thankful for my little Ruby.She is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.


Renee said...

I loved this!! And I can list some more~ but at the top would be "Ruby is such a HUGE blessing to her Grandma who experiences Alzheimer's !"

Alaina and Kyle said...

Ruby is so cute! Loved that she called her brother grass and signed it. Memories!