Friday, October 7, 2011


My ten year old daughter was told by another ten year old girl, that she knows, that Ruby will never be able to attend college because she has something wrong with her brain. This little girl also informed my ten year old daughter that, Ruby's , skin is pale and you can see her veins because she has Down syndrome. My daughter just glared at the other girl and she walked away.

 I found out the little girl was given this information by her parents. I would just like to say that people with Down syndrome have differing abilities, just like all other people, they are not all exactly alike. Below are some links to articles that I found about people with Down syndrome going to college. I shared the article entitled,"Just a Normal Girl," with my daughter and showed her the picture of the young woman who has Down syndrome standing with her professor.This made my daughter very happy.

Pablo Pineda   is the first person with Down Syndrome to obtain a major degree from a regular university in Spain.   More about Pablo Wikipedia

Just a Normal Girl 

A New College Try

Barriers Falling


Erin said...

I'm sorry. That is hurtful. If only we could inform everyone the right way. Unfortunately so many people carry prejudices and incorrect assumptions about people with Ds.

Jenny said...

That's really crappy. And to know this hurtful "information" came from the girls parents just makes it all the more worse. You think as parents you would try to teach your child truths and compassion....Give your girl a hug for me, she is going to be the best big sister as Ruby grows and that's all that matters :)

my family said...

i hate that she had to hear that....great articles though:) thanks for sharing them, they will come in handy

heidi marie said...

wow! so sad. i understand most people aren't educated on down syndrome and what our kiddos are capable of, but how about you educate yourself before just making stuff up. or how about have enough sense to teach your child manners, and yourself for that matter.