Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Day in South Carolina.

Hi there.[:
Today was Saturday the 28th. Just to make that clear before the time changes. :P

We all slept in until around 11 or 12. It felt so good to sleep in. Hahah.
Mom and Dad had to go to a meeting with Grady from 2-5. They left Aaron, Ruby and me at the hotel. Dad had ordered pizza for us, and gave us the money to pay the delivery guy.
It was funny when he got here, because Aaron opened the door and took the pizza, and Ruby crawled over there and I went a paid him. After we shut the door, I just looked at Aaron and laughed and said, "I just realized what that looked like to him..". It was pretty funny. Cause Aaron was thinking the same thing.[x

We basically just sat around, watching Napoleon Dynamite and Spongebob. Ruby thankfully was asleep the whole time. At around 6 they came back and picked us up so we could get out of the room for awhile. They had another meeting to go to at 6:30. Aaron and I just walked around the campus book store, and sat on the bench outside of it. There isn't much to do there for non-students. hah.

Aaron on the bench outside of the campus book store.

The water fountain near the entrance.

Mom and Ruby.

When we got back we met up with some old friends of my parents down in the hotel lobby.
They talked for about an hour or so, before they had to leave.
We came back up to our room and rested for a few minutes, before Dad took Grady back to his dorm room to get a suit to wear for church tomorrow. They also picked up some more pizza, and a salad for Mom.
We wanted to go swimming, but by the time they got back it was 11 and the pool was already closed. =[
But oh well, maybe another time. I can't swim anyways.. hahaah.[:

Well, this post was pretty boring. I didn't take many pictures, and didn't really do much. So.. yeah.
Tomorrow we're going to church, and then out for lunch, and then, going HOME. D:
To be quite honest, I like not being at home. :P Even if it is tiring and the pillows at the hotel rooms make me sick. hahaah. I like being busy.[:

Well, Dad's telling me to get ready to go to bed, cause we have to get up early to pack. I guess this is my last time to write on here.
I hope this wasn't too terribly boring.[;


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Zoey's mom said...

Great Post and update... Wishing you happy and safe travels home.

Knowing you are all going to miss Grady but knowing that you will all be rejoicing as he follows his dreams and you all can watch with pride and beaming smiles.

Ruby is looking darling as ever.Looking so very grown up!