Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Rid of My Brother in South Carolina.

Hi there Blogger people.
This is Meagan, posting on Mom's blog about our road trip from Texas to South Carolina, to leave Grady there for college. :P

Well, it started with everything being packed in the van by 7:15 this morning. I guess you could say things were going pretty smoothly.. Until the van wouldn't start. D:
But thankfully we got it up and running within five minutes. Apparently there was something wrong with the battery, and Dad just had to hook it to his car.
Anyways.. Enough of the boring stuff.
The ride into Louisiana was good, Ruby didn't cry or anything the whole ride there. And neither did Aaron, my sixteen year old brother, so that was a relief. ;P
Ruby, Grady, Aaron and I underneath the Louisiana sign.

On the ride through Louisiana, the boys and I watched "Reign of Fire" to pass the time. So there really isn't much to say about that ride. Except about Ruby..
After we watched our movie, Ruby was a bit tired of sitting in her seat, so I got her out and buckled her in next to me. She was holding her Sesame Street "Shake a Leg" book, and she threw it at me so I figured that meant she wanted me to read it to her. Then we watched a bit of "Finding Nemo".

But it turns out letting her watch that wasn't too good of an idea. I now know, that makes her car sick. I found out the hard way. -_-
Just as we were driving into Mississippi, she threw up all over me. I was wearing my favorite Owl City shirt, too! :[ So obviously I had to change my shirt. It's all good, though. Hah.
So out in Mississippi we were.

Mom, Ruby, Aaron, Grady and me underneath the Mississippi sign.

Mom standing next to one of the cannons.

Dad being silly.

Dad and Grady trying to stuff Aaron into the cannon. Hah.[:
Me sitting on the cannon.
Us kids.
Aaron and Grady letting everyone know they are men.

So yeah, Mississippi was a fun state to go through. And the scenery wasn't too bad.

Next stop, Alabama.

The sun was so bright!

Ruby got to join us.
Aaron's C3PO stance.

Aaron's pretend phone conversation pose.

Speed limit 15, Aaron. Slow down!

 Aaron's injured look.                         

Grady, Aaron and me.

Dad and the bros trying to figure out the "directions on the pole". *Scoff* ...Men.

Me in the shades Dad bought me, and with the Batman shurikan necklace Grady bought me.[:

Yeah, Alabama was probably my favorite state to have gone through. Just cause it was so much fun with Aaron's craziness and all. Plus Grady surprising me by buying the Batman thing was amazing! Batman is my biggest obsession. :P And the shades are cool too.[:
But anyways, while we were at the welcoming area for Alabama, the boys and I did a "pine cone punting" video. I won't be posting it on here, but it was fun making it.[:
And obviously Aaron is the funniest one out of all of us.
The trees were so tall! I'd never stood next to such tall trees. Hahaah. It felt good out there, too. Especially getting to stretch out legs out a bit.

When we came into Georgia it was too dark to take a picture underneath the sign. :[
Plus I was asleep. hehe.
Man.. I tell you.. When we finally got to the hotel, it was amazing. This room is pretty nice. A huge TV, a nice couch for me to crash on, a computer desk, a good little kitchen area, and I'm really enjoying the peep hole. :P
This is a picture I just took of us this very minute...

So yeah, we're pretty comfortable, and Mom and Dad are already asleep. So this should be a good night.[:

Tomorrow morning we're heading for South Carolina, where Mom, Aaron, Ruby and I are going to chill at another hotel while Dad takes Grady to get signed in at Bob Jones.
It should be a fun day.[:
But when we leave on Monday, I know we're all going to miss Grady. Especially Aaron and me, because we do everything together.

Well, I think it's time to get a little shut eye.
I hope this didn't bore any of you to sleep! D:
Thanks for reading.



stephanie said...

What a great update!! Thanks!

So sorry Ruby threw up on you, but you seemed to handle it well, LOL

it's going to be tough leaving your brother behind but what fun you are having getting there.

You're a beautiful family!!!

Becca said...

What a fun post! Great pictures. Sounds like a great trip! Sometimes, when I read things like this, I do wish I had a big family.

Rochelle said...

What a great update, minus Ruby throwing up on you. Hope it continues to be a great trip.