Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally in South Carolina.

Hi there! It's Meagan again.[: Back for day #2.

This morning we left the hotel in Atlanta at around 8:30, and we got to our hotel here in South Carolina by 11:30.

South Carolina!!

Grady climbing up the pole. Hahaah.

Mom, Ruby, Grady, Me, and Aaron.

Mom and Dad.

We got settled in, washed up, and then we left for the Bob Jones University campus. We met up with a guy named Tyler, and he took Mom, Aaron and me on a tour while Dad and Grady went to go sign in. It's a pretty good sized campus, and I liked the statues in some of the rooms. hah.
After the tour we drove the van around to where Grady's dorm room is, and unpacked all of his stuff. Since he was the first of the three people living in his room to arrive, he got to pick his bed and everything.
It's a pretty decent room.

Dad and Grady, trying to decide which bed to pick.

The desk and some shelves and cabinets at the foot of his bed.

There are three other beds on the other side of the room, but I didn't take pictures of them..
Mom helped him make up his bed and everything.

All done.[:

Mom, Grady and Dad.
Grady and Ruby.

Mirror picture.[:

As the boys and Dad were going back and forth in between the van and the dorm room, bringing in all of his clothes, Mom almost started crying. And we were talking about how I didn't really think much of it, until he started moving everything in. Then I was just like "Man... He's really leaving. I'm not going to see him for quite awhile after this Monday." so yeah, I am going to miss him. Even if I don't act like I will most the time. ;P

After we got all of that done, we went and picked up my cousin(well, my Dad's cousin. So my...2nd cousin I guess. :P)and we hung out for awhile.

First we went back to our hotel room so Mom could make Ruby some more bottles, and so we could change out our nicer clothes. Well, really it was just Aaron and I that couldn't stand wearing them any longer. Haha.[:

When we were on our way to the hotel this morning, Dad saw a sign that mention both Bob Jones, and Furman on it(Furman is where Dillon is going to college), so next he wanted to get his and Grady's picture with the sign.

First they tried to climb up it..

Then they behaved and stood still for the picture.[:

After we stopped there, we went to Texas Roadhouse to have dinner. But turns out it was packed, and our wait would be an hour and a half. D:
So we decided to eat somewhere else...
Aaron had been craving and talking about KFC literally all day, so we ended up going there.
By the time that was all over, I'd say we'd spent at least two hours with Dillon. He needed to get back because he had other plans, so we went and dropped him off at around 8 PM I think.

On the Furman campus with Dillon. I felt so short! D:

Since Dillon goes to college about eight minutes away from Grady, they'll get to hang out a lot.[:
Me jealous? ...Maybe. -_-

When we got back to the hotel room everyone pretty much just collapsed. It may not sound like we did very much, but it was still very exhausting. Plus I wasn't feeling very well anyways..
We've pretty much just been chillin here since then. Dad went and got some food from Outback. Which is unfortunate to have found out there was one about five or less minutes from the hotel, because we could have just gone there with Dillon. But whatever. hah.
Anyways, right now everyone but Grady and I are asleep. Grady's up because Uncle Johnny, Dillon's dad, gave Grady Dillon's old laptop. So of course he's messing around on that.[:

I just looked at the clock and realized, it's almost tomorrow and not today in Texas. Which is where the clock on the computer is set to. hah. Just need to post this soon, otherwise when I say this morning, it'll really technically mean tomorrow morning.
Let's just put it like this: Today was Friday the 27th.
There we go. :P

Well, I need some shut eye. Of course I'll write more tomorrow night.
I hope everyone had a good day.[:



Rochelle said...

Moving into a dorm room is a tiring day for everybody. So glad Grady will have a cousin nearby to hang out with.
Hugs to Cheryl, I teared up when you guys showed pics of him in his dorm room so I know your heart is breaking having to leave him (but I am sure proud all at the same time).
Safe travels home for you all.

heidi marie said...

this post so reminded me of when i was younger. as a child we drove more when we traveled and got out at every state line and took pics. no matter if we were sleeping or not we had to get out! :)

wishing grady the best of luck at college. it will be one of the best experiences of his life. and sending a little prayer for safe travels home!