Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Decade Cleaning Tables at the Bowling Alley

Arthur Fortaliza cleans tables and chairs three mornings a week at Mira Mesa Lanes. The 43-year-old with Down syndrome is a mainstay there.
Here's the link to the article:
A Decade Cleaning Tables at the Bowling Alley

I like to find and read articles about adults who have Down syndrome,to find out what type of life they have.I have a fear of dying and not being here to care for Ruby when she is an older adult.The article above mentions that this man's parents have died and that he lives with his brother.I hope that someday if Ruby needs them her siblings will be willing to care for her.My children and I have discussed this a little and have talked about how Ruby has enough siblings to help divide up her care if my husband and I die or unable to care for her.The siblings could take turns and each have her for a month.Just a thought.
I know that ultimately God is in control.


Patti said...

I have had this EXACT thought about Lily. When I mentioned it to my kids, they each said the same thing- if anything happens to me or my husband, they're going to fight over who gets Lily! The blessings of a large family:)
Great post!

Rochelle said...

Sweet article. Who knows maybe Ruby will be taking care of her siblings =)!

Tina said...

I think about the same think so so often, I worry about it too, unlike Ruby, Saira only has one brother and I know that's alot of responsibility on his shoulders, but that's what family is for. Ofcourse my first goal is for Saira to be as independent as possible.

stephanie said...

What a great article, thanks!! You always find the good stuff.

And I had the same fears about what would happen to Em. But my kids put those fears to rest one day when they all said Em would live with them. now they just have to find a fair way to share her, LOL