Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For Once in My Life

Last night my husband and I were looking through the t.v. channels trying to find something to watch.We put the t.v. on  the public station and started watching a documentary on Independant Lense called ,For Once in My Life. For Once in My Life , is a documentary about the Spirit of Goodwill Band,the band has 28 members all who have different disabilities.One of the young women named Melissa has Down syndrome and she plays the congo drums and tamborine. One of my favorite parts of the film is the interviews with the individual families of the band members.Melissa's mother was told by doctors to put her in a mental institution,that she would never amount to anything,she refused this advice and brought her infant daughter home and began to treat her like she had her other children.
Here is a link to information about this program.The band is terrific! For Once in My Life


Amy said...

Searching for this on my TV right now. I saw a heartbreaking story on one of those news magazine shows about a man whose sister was institutionalized and his family basically told him to forget about her. After 50+ years, he found her again.

Amy said...

Found it for viewing online: