Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sesame Street board books

Shake a Leg by Constance Allen is one of Ruby's favorite books.I bought it for her several months ago because it has actions to imitate, like honk your nose,pat your head,and many others.When I first started reading it to her I would perform the actions and she would copy me,now when I read it she does most of the actions on her own when she sees the page.The book is small and perfect for her little hands.Another plus is that it's a board book and the pages can't be ripped or crumpled.
When I was looking it up on Amazon I found some other books in this series that I think Ruby will also enjoy like 'Elmo Says'and 'Elmo's ABC'S.'

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Kimberly said...

I bought a four pack of Sesame Street board books on clearance at Borders that were also good for body parts. 'Eyes & Nose, Fingers and Toes' was one and 'Bubbles, Bubbles' was another in the four. I'm going to look for the one you found.