Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Signing Time

When Ruby was born I read that some children with Down syndrome have hearing disabilities.I wanted Ruby to be able to communicate with me and me with her no matter what.Someone told me about Signing Time by Rachel Coleman.I ended up buying the first two volumes of  Baby Signing Time and started setting Ruby in front of the TV in her infant seat when she was just a few months old.The DVD's are very enjoyable and have catchy songs and cute children that demonstrate the signs.After just a few days of watching the DVD's Ruby's siblings and I were learning the signs.We started using the signs we had learned with Ruby .

Now, Ruby is 2 years old and can sign to me that she wants to watch Baby Signing Time.Ruby knows all of the signs on both DVDs and can say many of them also.
Ruby can sign  and let me know when she is hungry and when she is full.She signs please and thank you and just this week has started saying "thank you" when she hands us something.She signs and says "sleepy" when she is tired and can sign and say "stop" when she doesn't like something.A couple of weeks ago Ruby hurt herself while she was playing and looked up at me with a pouty sad face and started signing sorry.She was  sorry she had hurt herself.
Learning signs has helped Ruby with her verbal skills.Usually when Ruby learns a sign she learns to say the word that goes with it.
Signing Time is well worth the money and is an excellent way for all children to learn sign language.


Patti said...

I can't wait to do this with Lily! I have a cousin who is sending me a few of these cd's...do you think Lily is too little to start?

Cathy said...

We love Signing Time!!! Lily isn't quite as far along as Ruby. It seriously amazes me sometimes when she signs something that I know she learned from the video and not me. Today at ST she signed "horse"...it's not one I really have ever focused on.

And Patti...I wish I would have started my Lily a little sooner. Go for it with your Lily!! Your other kiddos will love it too!

Ruby's Mom said...

Patti start Lily as soon as you can.Ruby was about 3 months old when I started her watching them.
A friend of mine is a missionary to the deaf in Mexico and she was very impressed with how many signs Ruby knows.She gave Ruby a sign name and Ruby saw it once and learned it.I just can't say enough about the benefits :)

Patti said...

Okay, now I can't wait for those videos to come!!

To Love Endlessly said...

we started signing with Marissa very early on and now she learns the signs so quickly. It's amazing! Those Signing Time videos are worth every single penny!

Zoey's mom said...

Zoey loves Signing Time too ... in fact we need to get her more!

Christi Harrison said...

Signing time is the best. Jimmy watches baby and regular signing time and his vocabulary is outstanding. if only i could keep up. gotta love Rachel Coleman. thanks for sharing.