Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is that thing? 31 for 21 day 7

 Someone asked me,"What is that thing she's coloring on?"" I like it!"
That  is a Magna Doodle . When I first started working with Ruby on scribbling coloring(coloring is a fine motor skill) she kept trying to eat the crayons and she was faster than me.She would have the crayon in her mouth and the tip bitten off before I could grab it away.I decided the Magna Doodle ,that had been a Christmas present to my kids last year, would be perfect for Ruby to learn to color with and would be less mess and no waxy after taste ;) hehe.Ruby has recently decided she would color with crayon and paper with her siblings,without tasting the crayon.She still enjoys the Magna Doodle  and I keep it on a bottom shelf of our bookcase so she can use it whenever she wants.

I found the Magna Doodle like the one we have on Amazon and they also had some other really cool versions ,like a travel version called Doodle Pro Tag - Along and one by another company called a Glodoodle .


Cindy said...

My girls loved the Magna Doodle! A great tool!

Tina said...

Thanks this is a great idea!!! I had one for my son don't know why I didn't think of it for Saira, soooo much easier than having to dig crayon out of her mouth!

Ruby looks like she's doing a pretty drawing there!

Tina said...

p.s. I love love your new header picture, really beautiful

Anna said...

Yes we have the glodoodle since our little G has vision problems. THese are great toys. Ive also been posting about signing time videos. They have helped us so much.