Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I would never change her

When Ruby was a tiny baby I used to think that if I could change the fact that she had Down syndrome I would.Now I know, without a doubt, I would never change her.I would never take away her Down syndrome,her extra chromosome,it's who she is,it's who God made her.

John 9
1And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.

2And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

3Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.


Patti said...

Ruby is so sweet, she looks like she's singing:)

Ruby's Mom said...

Patti,she was singing.
Singing is one of her favorite things to do :)

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

I totally agree with you on this one. God made them perfect, so why change that?!

Jenny said...

Loved this :)