Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ruby Loves to Throw Things

Ruby loves to throw things,she loves to throw toys out of her toy box,books and papers off the bookshelf,clothes out of the laundry basket.
According to the book,"Fine Motor Skills In Children With Down Syndrome," this is an activity enjoyed by many toddlers with Down syndrome.Throwing things can develop because the child doesn't have enough motor control to be able to let go of an object. The throwing action causes the wrist to drop and the fingers to open letting go of whatever is in the hand.
It may take some children a long time to move past this stage.(Ruby has been in this stage for awhile now,making it hard for me to work with her on stacking toys because she wants to knock them over and throw them.)They should be given plenty of opportunities to throw appropriate items.Teach your child what is OK to throw and what is not.Ruby is finally starting to understand that she is allowed to throw her board books from the bottom bookshelf but the other shelves are off limits.


To Love Endlessly said...

How interesting! I have that book and had never read/noticed that section. I just thought Marissa was enjoying making a HUGE mess for me to clean up...a little game she likes to play called "let it fly". I sure hope she passes this stage quickly!!!

Cathy said...

Lily's a thrower too. I think for her it's mostly just fun. She can wait patiently for me to come take her sippy cup from her when I'm working on something...and then the next time I can be right there by her and she'll "chuck" it.

I have that book too. I don't think I've even broken the binding yet. Hmmmm...maybe tomorrow.

Looking Up said...

Perhaps I should read that book, because I was wondering if my 22 month old son was the only one obsessed with throwing objects! Guess we're not alone. :)

stephanie said...

Cheryl that explains Em !!! she throws everything. But will not stack or even allow others to stack. she will not put anything into a bucket, she refuses to let go. or is not able to.
Great post!!! Thanks

Ruby's Mom said...

It's nice to know I'm not alone.hehe
I was so glad to find this explanation about Ruby's throwing.I had asked several therapists but they could give me no answer because they didn't have alot of experience with babies with Ds.Ruby started throwing when she was very small.
The page it's on in the book is page #80-#81.

Loren Stow said...

Great find iin the book!!! Malakai is also a dedicated "thrower", no matter how many times I've tried to correct him. And he's actually got an amazing aim now, after all these months! Lol!

stephanie said...

Beautiful list! Ruby is one of the smartest Cupcakes I've ever met!!

and I love the sign for her name!! Em doesn't have one! Guess we better get make for her.

Dani said...

E-V has been a "thrower" too for quite a while...same thing stack things up she knocks them down..done with her bottle/cup she tosses it..everything in the tub gets tossed out : )