Sunday, January 4, 2009

Article I read

I read an article called Renaissance Angel about a little girl and her love for her baby sister who has Ds.The article is pretty positive but one thing the author said really bothered me.She talked about the baby's love shining for her big sister from behind her mask of Down syndrome.
I was thinking of sending the writer an e-mail and let her know that was a poor choice of words!


COOLWHIP said...

I agree, Down Syndrome does not have a mask. It is what it shows you on the outside. And It's beautiful. DS does not mask greatness, or beauty. There is perfection in DS.

Lovin Mama said...

I agree, poor choice of words. The end of the article was positive, although there were some parts in the middle that made me cringe. I think the author meant well, but she seemed a little preoccupied with "how affected" or not, the child was by DS. Of course thats one of my pet peeves.

Anonymous said...

I have the feeling that the poor phrasing may have been a reference to the latter comment that the mother made about how society doesn't see past the physical features that many people with Down syndrome possess. If that is the case, I agree with that assessment. In my experience, there are always the few in society that really don't see my son. They only see that he has Down syndrome. The other point in the article that peaked my interest was the mother's opinion FOR prenatal testing. Again, I agree with the mother -- preparation was helpful for me when I found out prenatally. I still had a lot of emotions to work through, but I'm grateful that I did have the time to prepare before Gabe was born.

Jill said...

I agree with everyone here... isn't it amazing how sensitive and down right protective we have become? Mask, indeed!
Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your blog so much. Ruby is incredibly beautiful! The picture of her and her 'papa' brought tears to my eyes. You have a handsome family. Wishing you the best!