Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Favorite "G" Things

Livin for the Love gave me the letter "G"

my 10 Favorite "G" Things :

1. God-We have an Awesome God!

2. Girls-I have 5 of them, they are great!

3. Grady - my son.

4. Godiva chocolate!

5. Grandparents

6. Girlfriends

7. Geddes - Anne,I love her photography

8. Green Grapes

9. Grapefruit - with sugar,YUM

10. Gorillas - they are so wonderful.I love looking at them.I wish they didn't have to be closed up in zoos.

My daughter took this pic. at the zoo this past Thursday.

If you want to play,leave a comment with your favorite G thing and I'll give you a letter.

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