Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Speech Therapy

Well,the visit to the ST today wasn't so bad.I told her I don't want Ruby on milk thickener and she said she understood that ,so we wont be doing that. I tried to explain to her that all of the medium and faster flow bottle nipples say they are for 6 months and up but she said they have regular flow nipples for smaller babies.Well,I went to target after Ruby's session and I bought several packages of different kinds of nipples to take back on Monday for the ST to see.She wants to feed Ruby her bottle at the next session with a faster flow nipple.For some reason she thought Ruby was tiring out with the slow flow nipples but I told her no, not at all that Ruby sucks down her milk pretty quickly. I tried giving Ruby a bottle with the medium flow nipple this evening and she kept having to stop drinking so she could catch her breath. The ST kept trying to look under Ruby's tongue to see if there was any milk there,she said if she's keeping milk under her tongue she could aspirate,but I've never seen Ruby hold milk under her tongue.SIGH


Kari said...

Well it is good the ST respects your ideas and opinions. Ok but I am confused Is the ST wanting Ruby to drink from a faster flow bottle to test and see if she is aspirating? Because I thought that was a Dr's (GI) job. Especially a ST that has zero experience with children with DS. Did you ask her why she believes it is so important for Ruby to have a faster flow. Well aside from her being tired out which you already said is not the case. I don't get it. Tristan has silent reflux. There are no signs or symptoms except aspirated pneumonia. He was diagnosed at 9 months by ENT when they scoped his throat and saw it was red. I have never heard of milk under the tongue having anything to do with GERD. The most obvious symptom is spitting up which T never did. BUT I am not a know it all so it may be possible. I think the best thing is to be informed. Here is a website that has alot of good information on GERD. Not all kiddos with DS get it but it is good to know what it is and what signs to look for just in case. Then your Mommmy instincts will likely know if Ruby does or does not have.
Hope this helps :)

JaybirdNWA said...

I'm just curious as to why she is seeing a Speech Therapist. I don't remember you stating any swallowing issues with Ruby and you say she is taking the bottle fine. Our John is about the same age as Ruby and has never had any swallowing issues and has nursed and taken the bottle just fine. We have never taken him to see a ST although one has been offered to us, we don't see the reason for one right now. You may want to talk with you Pediatrician to get their advice.