Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hard Work

I have still been working with Ruby on reaching up over her body while she is on her back.Today I laid her on my bed on her back and held her favorite toy up over her body.You can tell she wants to grab it so badly.Her body shakes,her eyes get big, and she grabs the front of her shirt with both hands.After a bit I held the toy down close to her hands and she reached out just a little with her right hand and grabbed it.She then lifted her arm straight up over her body and shook the toy back and forth.She did this several times in a row.Each time waiting for me to hold the toy close to her and then grabbing it and extending her arm straight out over her body to shake the toy.She never would use her left hand it just clung to the front of her shirt.I cried tears of joy ,it is exciting to me because I can see how hard she has to work to do this.
Then this evening after I changed her diaper I held the toy up over her but would not put it down close to her chest.I was hoping she would extend her arm out to grab it.Instead she lifted both legs straight up over her and started hitting the toy with her feet! She did this several times in a row! So exciting!


Lovin Mama said...

Aaah, that's wonderful. Goldie used to clap and wave goodbye with her feet.

JaybirdNWA said...

That's good to hear. I am so glad that you are working with her. Keep at it with her and one of these days you will find that she can reach overhead with ease. It is great fun to see them learn new things and to know that they are learning those things from you.

The Bryant Family said...

You will find that her feet and flexibilty help her in many things. My Tuck man still uses his feet and legs for many things. He does it to show off I think. Used to sit in his car seat, no joke, with both feet up at his ears--so flexible.
Isnt it funny how we take joy in the little things, ,,,,dont take anything for granted anymore. I have been able to enjoy Tucker and his baby stages for a long time, I still get to rock him to sleep and cherish those moments of AWE that I have in him.
She is a doll!!

Lisa said...

That's wonderful! Those leg lifts work the trunk muscles too!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Great job Mama and Baby Ruby!!! Enjoy it all! Our babies do work sooooo hard and it's just so awesome to witness it.