Monday, January 19, 2009

Speech therapy

Well,I thought my telling the speech therapist I didn't want to put thickener in Ruby's milk or change her from a slow flow nipple to a fast flow had worked but apparently she wasn't really listening to me or agreeing with me.
At Ruby's appointment last week the ST tried to feed Ruby a bottle with a medium flow nipple and Ruby started choking.Umm, yeah,I had told her that was what happened and that Ruby needs to stay on the slow flow nipple.So,then the ST starts telling me she knows I don't want to use thickener but I'm going to have to at least once or twice a day and for me to not try and feed her any baby food that she would do it this week.
I called the pediatrician and she said I did not have to change Ruby's nipple or put thickener in her milk and she wasn't concerned with Ruby starting baby food any time soon because Ruby is doing just fine with what we are doing.
So,I left a message on Friday with the therapy place that I take Ruby to and they called me back this morning .I told the receptionist I wanted a second opinion and did they have an ST with experience with babies who had Ds .The receptionist said certainly and made me a new appointment with a different ST for this morning.I liked the new ST much better and she agreed with the pediatrician that there was no reason at all to change anything about how I was feeding Ruby and there was no reason for me to bring Ruby to therapy anymore than every 3 weeks while Ruby is still so little as long as I'm doing her face exercises at home everyday.I also found out that the new ST has 10 years experience and the other ST that I was taking Ruby to was only an intern!Anyway,I'm much happier now and glad I stood up for what I thought was right for Ruby and changed her ST.


The Bryant Family said...

Thank goodness. If she isnt having feeding issues they shouldnt FORCE them on her. Tucker used the thickner, he asperated every time he took something liquid , but he outgrew it as he got older and stronger. IF Ruby isnt having issues with the slow flow then.....DA dont mess with it. You were right in asking for another therapist.
Some people get right into the mode of IF they have this, then this is what you do...instead of going by what is really going on with each individual child.
It is great that she is taking things without any problems. We had all kinds of oral issues and ended up with a GTube, which we still have and dont use other then medicine. It is a pain and leaks and I would love to have it pulled but they are very hesitant to take it out....I am still voicing my thoughts on that one and I WILL WIN sooner or later. :) Have a great day.

Michelle said...

Good work, Mom!

JaybirdNWA said...

Good for you. I'm glad that you feel more comfortable and that Ruby is being allowed to follow her own course.

Lovin Mama said...

Good for you and Ruby. I'm glad the switch worked out. Every three weeks sounds much more reasonable with a baby Ruby's age.

Chrystal said...

You are doing a FANTASTIC job!!

waldenhouse said...

What a doll Ruby is!!

Way to advocate for her. It can be tough to speak up to the "professionals."

Wil was on a slow flow for quite a while! You'll know when she is ready.

Becca said...

Good for you! Excellent result. You must feel so relieved!

SunflowerMom said...

OMG, I can't believe they have an intern seeing clients! She has no right being the primary therapist for infants! I am soooo glad you trusted your instincts and did not just accept her opinion.

You are such a great advocate for Ruby's needs!