Monday, December 15, 2008

Are we special?

When Ruby was born my husband said he had always heard that God only gives special children to special families but he was surprised because he didn't think we were that special.His brother made the same, God only gives special children to special families, comment when my husband called him from the hospital after Ruby's birth. Well, I got to thinking about it and a couple of weeks later I told my husband that statement is not true because if it were true then why are 90 percent of children with DS aborted? Why are they put up for adoption? I think that the child with DS is always special and they are sent here to teach US , if we will let them, but we are not special the child is.


Beverly said...

Ruby is so sweet! She is so lucky to have such a big family!
Blessings, Beverly

Laurie said...

Ruby is so precious!! I found your blog through Lisa's blog. I have a little boy, Dylan, who was born on June 28, with Down syndrome. I'm looking forward to following your story.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Ruby is adorable! I saw your question about PT for Ruby. I would definately ask for PT sooner than at 6 months old. OT can wait but not PT. There are a lot of things that Ruby can do with PT at her young age. We got PT 2 times per week when Joaquin was 4 months old - one time is regular PT and the other session is in water. I also was authorized for Child Life Therapy at 4 month every other week. We decided to cancel this though because of our busy schedule. I have a blog at if you want to see some of the things you can do yourself for Ruby as well. I recommend the "How Smart Is Your Baby?" book by Glenn Doman. It's an excellent book to help Ruby achieve her full potential.
The website is on my blog too. Good luck to you!!!!!!

Kari said...

I think the child is what makes us special. The lessons we are taught make all the change :)