Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sign Language

I always want Ruby to be able to communicate with me as she gets older and when I read that children with DS sometimes have hearing issues I started thinking about teaching her sign language. I had already heard about Baby Signing Time before I had Ruby, so I looked into these dvd's some more on the internet and decided to buy the first 2 in the series.I will be buying more because I'm sooooo impressed with the results in my 3,5,7, and 9 year old children and Ruby seems to enjoy them,too.I couldn't believe how many signs my 3 yr old boy is signing in only a month of watching these. They also have dvd's for older children called Signing Time.Here's the website in case your interested


Lisa said...

I know that Signing Time is very popular among Ds families. I've seen it mentioned time and time again in other parents' blogs. I think I'm going to look into it.

Tricia said...

Hello! Came here by way of Finnian's/Lisa's blog. Look forward to reading more! :)

(We love SIgning TIme.)

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby Ruby! I found you from Lisa too. Welcome to the amazing DS community.

Lisa said...

Cheryl, I was just looking at the photos of Ruby you have in your sidebar, and it looks as though she had surgery when she was born. It looks very similar to the surgery Finn had to repair a duodenal atresia . . . ??? I'm guessing that based on the placement of her bandaging in the top photo.

Kari said...

Tristan knows 200+ signs and they were all his first words too. Sign definatly encourages speech! Can't wait to get his new ones for Christmas! Yay Signingtime :)

RivkA with a capital A said...

I was very into using sign language with my kids. (though I admit that we did not do it seriously)

It is as easy to learn "real" signs as these baby signs.

I used words in ASL (American Sign Language), because that's what I knew, but I still have dreams of learning/teaching Israeli sign language.

(I got to your blog from Beneath the Wings (Ricki's mom))