Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Down Syndrome

I had 10 children before I had Ruby and one of my biggest fears, especially after I turned 35 ,was having a child with Down Syndrome.During my pregnancy with Ruby I felt that she had Down Syndrome.On several occasions when I went to my O.B. he would mention that the baby's heart rate was a little slow(but it was nothing to worry about) and her heart beat sounded different to me,I noticed it didn't sound like galloping horses like the other kids had.My O.B. would mention how small my tummy looked compared to my other pregnancy's.(Ruby was much smaller than my other children except for her oldest sister who was born one month premature).
One evening my husband and I were watching a documentary on PBS about a man with DS ( it was called "Lessons from John") and I kept feeling like my baby had DS .
We also had an incident a few weeks before Ruby was due where my oldest daughter made fun of a man that worked at the grocery store, because his pants were too short and I got upset with her and told her that this man had a mental disability.She felt horrible and I told her to never make fun of anyone.I felt then that something was wrong with my baby but didn't mention it to anyone.
When the nurse in the delivery room told me they thought Ruby had DS, I told her I wasn't totally surprised because I had been thinking my baby had that.
I didn't dwell on it the whole pregnancy I just had certain moments that I thought it.


SunflowerMom said...

Mother's instincts are very powerful! I too felt like I knew Sean before he was born- I knew he was a boy the minute I saw two lines. When I was 12 wks ago I started thinking "something's different with this baby."

God has ways to prepare us that we are not even aware of when they occur.

Erin said...

I also had that motherly instinct. I honestly think it was God preparring me for Addie. Every time I went to the doctor I was expecting him to tell me she had DS. Even after the second US I kept asking if he was sure nothing was wrong....Late at night one night I even researched DS....and as soon as Addie was born, I mean literally as soon as the doctor....well, ya know...I said she has DS..and the Dr. just said he hadn't even had a chance to look at her....but I just still give me goosebumps!

rickismom said...

Gee, someone who finally has more kids than me! (I have 8). (but 4 are married already.)
I had NO idea. My mother-in-law kept telling me I would end up having a child with DS., but since most of my friends had kids after 40 (and didn't have kids with DS), I thought I would "get away with it"! Also,I vfelt that I could NEVER handle such a task. SURPRISE! G-d gave me the strength, and will, along with the baby!
Ricki is now a blossoming 14-year-old! You can visit us (for an HONEST look at life with a teen (with DS) at

Hope you (and your kids, even the sick daughter), enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Unlike you, and the others who left comments, I never felt that my son would have Ds. Of course, I found out while I was pregnant, but up until that point, I just never knew. No feelings, no premonitions...BUT I do have a deep-seated knowledge that he is suppose to be my son. It's not obligation or even a sense of motherhood; it is as if he reached out to me at some time in my life (conception, perhaps?) and our hands are forever grasped. I'm suppose to learn from Gabriel. And I am.