Thursday, December 18, 2008


Lisa at Finnian's Journey gave me this award.I was so surprised!
Now I have to pick 5 others to send it to:

I pick Kari . Tristan is adorable and I enjoy all the pics. Kari posts.

I also enjoy reading Deborah's blog
her story is also in the book "Gifts" and that book helped me so much when Ruby was in NICU . Deborah is fabulous!

Michelle at DownBlogger is also fabulous! I first found her on YouTube I watched a video of her oh,so, cute daughter Ciarra talking and it gave me great hope for Ruby.Thank you Michelle!

Sarah at Class of 2008 always leaves such sweet comments and I like her blog especially right now with all of the wonderful Christmas pics. from her past!I look forward to getting to know Sarah better.

Erin at Adelynn's Journey Her little girl is precious and Erin has a lot of the same thoughts that I do and I like reading her blog.

I have to list 5 Fab. things:
My Lord and Savior
My husband is Fab.!
Little Ruby's wonderful body smile:)
My children.
The Down Syndrome blogging community.

I'm new at this.I hope I did it right:)


Kari said...

Aww Thanks so much :)

SunflowerMom said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you think I am fab! :)